Miramar College Geology 101 Lab

GEOL101 - CRN 51969, Spring 2016

Garbage Beach at Low Tide

My Last Hurrah

Course Syllabus and Schedule

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Recommended Lab manual:
10th edition (see syllabus)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We used modified MasteringGeology through Blackboard


  1. buy the e-Book, with the Mastering Code through Blackboard
  2. buy a used copy of the lab manual 10th Edition online (usual places) and buy your code alone or with e-Book through Blackboard

MyLab & Mastering Resources

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Powerpoint Presentations (Flash, HTML5 & PDF versions) based on Earth 11th Edition, by Tarbuck & Lutgens (your lecture text)

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Course Introduction PowerPoint
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Lava Lamp Animation
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